Web, Streaming and TV Content Development / Production

Dorsey Studios develops and produces original content for distribution on streaming media, for TV or for the web often collaborating with other talented producers and directors. We are currently working on the following projects.

“Hopeless Not Homeless” - Documentary Feature (Pitching)

Homeless not Hopeless is a documentary feature film - a co-production with Henry Less Productions (HLP). Homeless Not Hopeless explores the homeless crisis and its impact on men over 50 in Toronto, Canada. Homeless Not Hopeless will spotlight the "social emergency" around homelessness with a specific focus on men over 50.

The film will explore the root causes of homelessness including systemic poverty, the shrinking of the middle-class due to income inequality, a large, aging baby-boomer population that is retiring– many unprepared financially, and mounting social issues including addiction and mental health, and the critical shortage of affordable housing.

“Wish You Were Here” - Experience Travel Series - (Pre-Production)

Wish You Were Here is a experience travel series - a co-production with Henry Less Productions (HLP).



For more than three decades, Stephen Dorsey has travelled the globe for business and pleasure. Seeing the world and connecting with local people is his passion. Wish You Were Here follows Stephen has he revisits some of his favourite places, reconnecting with friends, and rediscovering the towns, villages and cities he loves. We get immersed with Stephen and his guest as they engage in a variety of experiences curated by local connectors.

Wish You Were Here is not your average travel series visiting the tried and true. In each episode Stephen takes viewers behind the typical tourist traps and beyond the top-ten lists to uncover the authentic experiences, unique and vibrant local culture, and the real people who live and work in some of the most beautiful and spectacular places on earth. Stephen’s history and connections will provide viewers with unique access to popular destinations like they’ve never seen before. Join Stephen, his guest travellers and local connectors as they transport you to unique travel adventures around the globe including stops in Jamaica, Spain, Australia, Holland, Brazil, Italy, France and more.

Dorsey Studios: Visual Motion Reel

A collection of  some of our best video, motion graphic, composite, cgi, animation, 3D logo design, and more. enjoy.