Brand development and design is one of our core competencies honed over more then 20-years of experience. Collectively, our team has helped establish or evolve B2B and B2C brands leveraging a disciplined brand development process to establish brand vision, mission, guiding principles, brand pillars and  targeted brand positioning messaging. With a solid brand foundation in place, we have successfully developed on-mark creative designs for print and digital applications.

Stance Shoes

Dorsey Studios collaborated with Stance Shoes for a back to school window display / visual merchandising campaign for all their stores in Canada.  The brief - classic back to school footwear and backpacks targeted a college age youth and featuring Vans, Converse, and Herschel brands.

Our team landed on the "back in classics" idea inspired by a classic yellow H1B pencil. Elements produced included a poster, banner, and decal that together created a sense of motion intended to draw customers into the story - focusing them on the select merchandise. Boom!

Stephano's Secret Stash - Brand Development / Package Design

Dorsey studios was excited to work with the client to evolve this 35 year old granola brand in support of an amazingly delicious new "Secret Stash" formulation and grocery store distribution strategy. 

Dorsey Studios developed the new name and brand story, and created a fresh new package design for multiple skus.


Temporal power ltd.  - Brand Development / New Logo Design

Dorsey Studios led a collaborative process that saw our team develop foundational brand pillars, guiding principles, mission and vision statements, and creatively evolved the brand from a look and feel perspective beginning with a new logo design.


Temporal old Logo.jpg