(Vancouver, September 26, 2017) BC’s Alliance of Beverage Licensees (ABLE BC), announced today that they have partnered with Toronto-based Dorsey Studios, a leading in-store Omni-media consultancy and creative content studio, to offer the Soundtrack Business streaming music service to its 1000-plus members. Soundtrack Business, a Spotify-backed company, is the most advanced, customizable music streaming service for businesses now available in Canada that allows retailers to brand their environments with the right music at the right time. 

ABLE BC is British Columbia’s largest liquor industry association representing private liquor stores, bars, pubs, hotel liquor licenses, as well as agents, manufacturers, and other industry suppliers.

“As our members continue to grow and enhance their businesses in a rapidly changing industry, it’s ABLE BC’s role to lend support. This includes educating members on the importance and value of playing quality, licensed music in their bars and stores”, notes Jeff Guignard, Executive Director of ABLE BC.

The Soundtrack streaming music service will allow ABLE BC members to select curated soundtracks and playlists that can be blended to match their brand, and scheduled to play at the desired time of day. ABLE BC members can run Soundtrack Business on an existing IOS, Windows or Android device or purchase an affordable, dedicated Soundtrack Player. With an available Soundtrack IOS remote app, in-store personnel can also control playback functions with their iPhone including volume control and song advance, view artist and song information and even quickly share a song link with customers via email, text or on social media.

“We are thrilled to partner with ABLE BC and offer an exclusive member benefit that delivers real value for members,” commented Stephen Dorsey, CEO of Dorsey Studios. “Curated, quality music can have a positive impact on creating a better experience for customers versus playing the radio or a random playlist of songs. Research has shown that the right music can contribute to increasing sales – another tool that ABLE BC members can leverage to enhance their businesses,” he added.

The Soundtrack Business streaming music service will not only deliver an amazing music experience to ABLE BC members’ customers, but the service includes the management of all reporting requirements and licensing payments to SOCAN, the organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of music creators and publishers. This will ensure all subscribed ABLE BC members are compliant. 

The Soundtrack Business streaming music service will be available to ABLE BC members beginning September 26, 2017.