The biggest challenge for brands today is persuading consumers to engage - on their own terms, whenever, and wherever they may be.

Dorsey Studios believes that effective consumer engagement and activation begins upstream with strategic conversations - with all stakeholders at the table early.  Aligning to business, brand, and marketing objectives and having these inform creative ideation, production and digital technology selection, will lead to greater success. Dorsey has curated a network of senior-level experts with the broad strategic and creative experience to help brands navigate this process in order to achieve desired results. We build teams around client needs to maximize effectiveness and productivity.

Our Client Engagement Process


Strategic Client Engagements


Management Consulting: Start-up / Market Development

Dorsey Studios has been tapped to develop a northern market strategy (in Canada's north) for this innovative urban farming venture. 

Northern Roots is a state-of-the-art indoor farming enterprise.  Its differentiated value proposition is rooted in leveraging the latest LED lighting growing processes and technology, and a special nutrient mix, developed in-house, that can produce the flavour profile of field farming, the health benefits of organic and the cost effectiveness of generic hydroponics. Using unique gravity-flow growing tables in a vertical farming set-up allows Northern Roots to maximize yield per square feet while eliminating significant labour components.

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The Northern Roots’ mission is to partner with northern and indigenous communities in Canada’s north to develop a sustainable source of healthy, affordable food for the people of the North, and to do its part to address regional challenges in the areas of food security, health and wellness, employment, economic development and equality.

Established in 2017, Northern Roots is aiming to launch its first indoor farm in the North in 2018. 

Northern Roots’ sister company We The Roots is finalizing the build and launch of its first facility in Toronto, Canada with plans to serve the premium restaurant market in the city in 2017. We The Roots is set to become the first farm-to-table, leafy green supplier with grow operations in downtown Toronto.

Management Consulting: Strategic Plan / North American Market Development

Established in 2014, Canadian-based Idealab is an innovator in the digital kiosks industry offering the most comprehensive, turn-key, cross-rental solution to national AV rental dealers and the most advanced interactive kiosk technologies including battery powered systems.  Dorsey Studios led the strategic planning efforts, launched the business to marketing in Canada and for the past three years has supported the growth of the business nationally. Today, Idealab is expanding into the US based on market development efforts led by Dorsey Studios.