In today's digital world, brick and mortar operators must elevate the customer experience in order to effectively engage and activate customers. Shopper engagement platforms can play an important role in bridging the retail and digital divide by delivering a variety of in-store, omni-media experiences that can be customized to varied customer personas and deliver to strategic activation objectives.

Dorsey Studios' "FoyerLive" shopper engagement platform integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems and content management databases to enable interactive product browsing and searching via digital touch displays, kiosks, tablets and mobile devices. Designed as an open platform, FoyerLive integrates easily with leading POS systems to enable omni-device transactions in-store .   Sales associates can leverage this same omni-media. digital connectivity to engage directly with customers to assist, recommend or even help them complete their transaction as needed. 

Dispensary Application

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Interactive Consultation / Product Search and Browse


Browse and search product inventory, dig deeper into product formulations, government certification info, usage and dosage recommendations,  side effects. customer reviews and much more.  

The experience delivered by FoyerLive can be customized to deliver varied experiences depending on the persona of the shopper.                                     

Digitally Connect Sales Associates and Shoppers


Our concierge feature allows sales associates and shoppers to be connected digitally from any device in-store.  

Shoppers can request assistance from a sales associate, and in turn, a sales associate can claim and respond to a request, they can push recommendations to a device, and even take over the experience and help them complete their transaction.          

Extend the Experience to a Customer's Mobile Device 

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FoyerLive allows the shopping experience to extend to a customers mobile device.

Our queue management feature allows our system to push notifications to a customers mobile device re: product processing and in-store pick-up from an online order, consultation request and notification, and of course, secure on-device payment to complete purchase.   


  • Streamlines sales operations.  Helps reduce wait times and increases order processing efficiencies

  • Enables standardized product information sharing. Chemical composition,  benefits for specific customer objectives (pain, sleep, anxiety reduction, etc), taste/flavour

  • Increases transparency  re: health and safety. Dosage recommendations, side effects and more
  • Enhances Training and Service Delivery - reduce cost associated with training and customer service delivery
  • Showcases virtual inventory as solution to government mandated, product display bans
  • Enables in-store digital engagement to deliver truly omni-channel experience to shoppers
  • Offers incremental revenue opportunities from brands seeking promotional exposure

Retail Application

Our FoyerLive shopper engagement platform can help retailers overcome some of the challenges brought on by the digital / mobile age and leverage the same tools to better compete. Our interactive platform allows customers to browse and shop all available inventory - beyond just what's in the store and even complete the transaction for pick up in-store or delivery to their home.


  • Enhanced shopping experience. Our platform helps complement the in-store shopping experience by combining personal service with the best elements of online/mobile shopping.
  • Endless Aisle. Shoppers can be sure they have access to all inventory - in-store, from another store or pulled from online inventory- delivered anywhere.
  • Enhanced customer service. FoyerLive touch displays installed in the change room can allow customers to request additional items or different sizes be brought to them. In turn, sales associates can push relevant recommendations (up sell) directly to the customer via our platform interface.  
  • Uplift in sales. Our platform has shown positive results in delivering lift in sales. We can provide insightful analytics including sales attribution data from any device running our platform.

Dorsey is an Authorized Reseller of Advanced, Interactive Media Appliances